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iOS 7.0.3 Brings Back iCloud Keychain, Wikipedia Search and Fixes iPhone 5s Calibration Issues

Apple quietly rolled out iOS 7.0.3 after the iPad Air event on Tuesday. The update brings back features like iCloud Keychain support, the ability to search Wikipedia from Spotlight and it fixes a few things like the accelerometer calibration issues. As you can see from the image posted below, Venture Beat has proved that Apple's fix has worked and "sensor-gate" should be over.

iOS 7.0.3

The image shows an iPhone 5 (the far phone) without 7.0.3 reading .2 degrees off level and an iPhone 5s (middle phone) with the iOS 7.0.3 fix reading .1 degrees of level. The nearest phone is an iPhone 5c which demonstrates the original sensor issue.

Top 10 iPhone 5s Problems, Issues and Complaints

The iPhone 5s represents several firsts for Apple and the smartphone industry in general. Not only does the device feature 64-bit architecture, but the latest iPhone integrates a fingerprint sensor and independent M7 motion coprocessor. With new technology there's always the potential for bugs to surface after the latest hardware gets into the hands of users everywhere.

Apple iPhone 5s three colors

Of course the iPhone 5s is no different, and while reviews have been overwhelmingly positive some users have reported problems. Complaints and issues can always be brought to Apple's attention either in iPhone support communities or at the retail store Genius Bar. Besides troubleshooting, keep in mind the iPhone 5s comes with a one-year AppleCare warranty. Usually devices can be repaired or replaced in-store.

Fitbit Announces New Force Wristband with Real-time iOS 7 Notifications

Fitbit has followed up its popular Flex wristband with the Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Fitbit Force. The wireless activity accessory includes most of the same features as its predecessor, but adds a new OLED display. The Force accurately measures steps, distance, calories burned, and contains an altimeter to track how high you climb each day.

Fitbit Force

The Force is also equipped with a sleep monitoring and silent wake alarm that tracks how many hours you slept, and it allows users to stay motivated with online and mobile badges and leaderboards.

How can I turn off translucency effects in iOS 7?

On newer devices iOS 7 automatically displays translucency on the Control Center, Notification Center and elsewhere, blurring the background for effect. Besides using more processor power, this feature can be a distraction to some. To keep these parts of iOS flat and remove the translucency, change this setting:

Navigate to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Increase Contrast -> ON (green switch).

This will disable iOS 7 translucency and increase contrast in other places, including the keyboard.


iTunes Radio Expanding Outside of U.S. in 2014

ITunes Radio, the free music service which was launched with iOS 7 in the U.S on September 18th, will be making its international debut in 2014. Currently available exclusively in the United States, Apple is looking to expand its reach into Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom.

iTunes Radio Canada

The streaming service is giving Pandora a run for its money. The program comes automatically with the iPhone 5s and 5c and is now part of the iTunes 11.1 update, making it available on the Mac and PC. So far, over 11 million people have reportedly tried out the music program. The inclusion of iTunes Radio with iOS 7 has given Apple a slight advantage in the battle for streaming dominance since there are no extra apps for users to download.


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