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Where is the weather widget in iOS 7 Notification Center?

Looking for weather information to appear in the Today View of the iOS 7 Notification Center? Sometimes this redesigned summary of the weather will not show up in Notification Center until a few things are set properly. First of all make sure to configure the Today View:

Settings -> Notification Center -> TODAY VIEW -> Today Summary -> ON (green switch)


How do I access Spotlight search in iOS 7?

Apple has removed the hidden first home screen in iOS 7. Instead of swiping to this screen for Spotlight, iOS users can search their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from any home screen.

To reveal the Spotlight search bar, swipe down from the middle of any home screen. A text field will appear and real-time search results will be listed as you type.

To hide the Spotlight search either tap the Cancel button on the right, or swipe up from the middle of the search screen.


How can I turn off 3D / parallax wallpaper on iOS 7?

By default, iOS 7 creates a parallax effect on the home and lock screens, giving the illusion of 3D when the device is moved. This can be interesting, or at times annoying and a waste of battery power. If you prefer to keep the background wallpapers flat behind icons, this is how to turn parallax off.

Navigate to the iOS 7 Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion -> ON.

3D motion behind alerts and icons is now disabled. Reduce Motion will also replace the app zoom effect with a quick fade in iOS 7.0.3 or later.


Apple Launches Designed for iOS 7 App Store Section

Most of the major apps like Twitter and Facebook have already been redesigned to match the new look of iOS 7, and Apple has made it easier to hunt them down by creating a "Designed for iOS 7" section in the Apple App Store. The new section allows you to look through featured apps or search for a specific app by release date or name.

Designed for iOS 7

If you haven't upgraded to iOS 7 (or can't), you can still use the updated Twitter app, and get the latest Facebook update that adds the new bottom tool bar. Other notable apps that have also been upgraded for iOS 7 include Evernote, Zillow, NYTimes, Open Table and RunKeeper.

Can I install iOS 7 OTA (over the air)?

Yes, Apple will deliver iOS 7 over the air (OTA). A few conditions must be met for your iOS device to update OTA.

The device must be connected to Wi-Fi with over 50 percent battery remaining, or be plugged into a charger. There must also be enough empty space on your device to accommodate the new firmware.

Navigating to Settings -> General -> Software Update -> Install Now will get the process started.



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