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How to check an app's privacy policy on the App Store

App Privacy

All apps listed in the Apple App Store now have an "App Privacy" section to inform users on how an app utilizes data. This allows iPhone and iPad users the ability to decide if they want to install an app based on the data it tracks. Alls apps must have its privacy policies listed after December 8, 2020.

How can I turn on / off automatic app updates on iPhone?

App Store auto-updates can be enabled or disabled on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. When switched on, the iOS device will automatically download and install the latest app updates for the software on your device when they are released.

Some users prefer to keep automatic app updating off, because there can be bugs or undesirable features in an app update. Usually these are resolved quickly by developers, however if you prefer to review available updates then automatic downloads may not be your cup of tea.

To set apps to update automatically:


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