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Apple Adds Gift Feature to iPhone App Store

Next time you load up iTunes and enter the App Store, Apple will ask you to accept new terms and conditions. This happens pretty often, but the changes in question now include the ability to send "Gifts" of apps to your iPhone-toting friends and family.

apple iphone appstore gift

Sending gifts with iTunes was previously limited to music and video only. The options when clicking on an iPhone app for purchase now read, Gift This App, Add to Wish List, Tell a Friend, Copy Link, Share on Facebook, Share on Twitter.

Fake Reviews Found on iPhone AppStore

Apple has removed over 1,000 apps developed by Molinker after a flood of fake five-star reviews for their products were discovered in the AppStore. Incredibly, the fraudulently rated apps made up one percent of all available iPhone applications.

An individual going by the handle SCW on blog iPhoneography revealed the scam in a letter to Phil Schiller, Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing. Not only were the reviews in question poorly written, an overwhelming majority of the reviewers only entered feedback on Molinker's software.

Why do apps I've downloaded/purchased directly on my iPhone not sync/appear in iTunes?

Many people experience difficulty getting applications they've purchased or downloaded free directly on their iPhones to appear within or sync to their applications tab in iTunes. The solution, though a bit hard to find for some, is thankfully quite simple:

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.

2. Sync your iPhone (optional, but recommended).

3. Right click on your iPhone in the left hand pane of iTunes, and select "Transfer Purchases"

iTunes Movies and TV Coming to iPhone 3.0

When iPhone 3.0 is released it looks like TV shows, movies and music videos will be available for purchase and viewing directly on the new device. Three mobile ads from Apple were found in the latest version of TwitterFon that linked to "iTunes Movie Rentals," "iTunes Movies" and "iTunes TV."

When touched, the ads led to a video area in Apple's mobile store that was under construction. Screenshots of the portal show various genres and featured items, however video content is not yet available.

iPhone DSLR Camera Remote? There's An App For That

The clever people at onOne Software have brought the cable release into the 21st century. For users of Canon EOS digital SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras, there are already a few options for remote control.

apple iphone app dslr remote

Using DSLR Remote on the iPhone or iPod Touch may require more hardware, but the feature set is impressive for the price. Settings such as shutter speed, white balance and aperture can be controlled, along with the camera shutter.


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