iTunes Movies and TV Coming to iPhone 3.0

When iPhone 3.0 is released it looks like TV shows, movies and music videos will be available for purchase and viewing directly on the new device. Three mobile ads from Apple were found in the latest version of TwitterFon that linked to "iTunes Movie Rentals," "iTunes Movies" and "iTunes TV."

When touched, the ads led to a video area in Apple's mobile store that was under construction. Screenshots of the portal show various genres and featured items, however video content is not yet available.

The screenshots were verified by a further discovery of direct links to the iTunes video store-in-progress that worked in iPhone OS 2.2 and 3.0 beta, but were later made inactive by Apple.

iPhone 3.0 will feature the 802.11N Broadcom BCM4329 Wi-Fi chip, making possible wireless downloads of up to four times the speed of 802.11G. To save bandwidth for carriers, it's likely that Apple will restrict video downloading to iPhones that are connected via Wi-FI.

The devices already features iTunes for music purchases and the AppStore for software downloads. Apple currently allows free video podcast downloads to the iPhone and iPod Touch when connected via Wi-Fi.

Expanding the video options available for purchase will increase profit for Apple as they deliver even more content to mobile devices.