iPhone 3.0 and Video: Apple Posts Job Opportunities

Apple has posted two job opportunities that could give further insight into the hardware and advanced capabilities coming our way on the next generation iPhone. Video recording and an improved 3.2 megapixel camera have been confirmed.

It seems Apple is ready to develop some exciting ways to take advantage of the new hardware. The following is an excerpt from a job description from Apple:

The Interactive Media Group is looking for a highly skilled and innovative engineer who is up to playing a key role in delivering cutting edge embedded video processing technologies.

Experience developing embedded image and video processing solutions.
Experience developing embedded image and video analysis solutions.
Experience working on real-time media and networking applications (WiFi and cellular networks).

The successful candidate will surely be working on projects for the iPhone OS, considering the emphasis on real-time media and networking with Wi-Fi and cellular.

A second job posting points to Neon, an instruction set for enhancing multimedia applications on the ARMv7 Cortex processor. This processor is the newest version of the chip currently used in the iPhone 3G.

The successful candidate will have excellent understanding and knowledge of processor architecture, specifically ARM and its vector unit NEON. Additional Intel SSE or PowerPC AltiVec is also very helpful. Being able to use processor micro-architecture to write and deliver fast routines is an essential attribute.

The ARMv7 Cortex processor would make video recording and editing even more powerful on the iPhone 3.0, especially if Apple decides to take advantage of multi-core architecture.