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How can I turn off / lock in-app purchases on the iPhone?

Sometimes you need to make sure the people using your iPhone aren't running up the App Store bill. The option to switch off in-app purchases altogether is handy, especially if young children regularly use your iOS device. To lock in-app purchasing follow these steps:

In iOS 11 or earlier

1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Restrictions -> Enable Restrictions

2. Enter a passcode for Restrictions. You will be asked to enter it twice.

3. Scroll down to the Allowed Content section.

4. Select In-App Purchases -> OFF.

Apple updates App Store guidelines after loot crate controversy

Loot boxes

Star Wars Battlefront II sparked an online outrage over microtransactions and loot crates prompting some governments to investigate EA for “glorified gambling." Loot crates are basically IAPs where players can spend real world money on digital boxes which deliver random benefits. Players can receive everything from dud rewards to helpful upgrades giving them an advantage in the game. Loot crates are basically designed to keep players spending money in hopes of receiving better or more in-game benefits.

First look at all-new iOS 11 App Store

App Store iOS 11

Instead of our normal App of the Week we are going to take a look at the redesigned App Store in iOS 11. In the newly released iOS 11 public beta, Apple has broken down the App Store in to three major parts: Today, Games and Apps.

The Today page is where you will be able keep updated on what's going on with the Apple App Store. It features exclusive premieres, new-releases and a look-back at all-time App Store hits. Here you will also find tips, how-to-guides and interviews with developers and celebrities.


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