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iOS 8 Bug is Causing the App Store to Suggest Dating and Other Inappropriate Apps to Children

A new bug discovered in iOS 8 by Happy-Touch (via 9to5Mac) is causing the Kids section of Apple's App Store to display some inappropriate apps. For example, the Top Grossing apps for "Kids 5 and Under" is displaying titles like Game of War, which is recommended for 9-years or older, and the popular dating app Zoosk.

App Store Bug iOS 8

Unless your 5-year old has already started dating, you may want to pay close attention to what you download from the the All Kids, Kids 5 & Under, Kids 6-8, and Kids 9-11 categories until Apple fixes the problem. The bug only seems to a be affecting devices running iOS 8 or later, and it has been found on both the U.S. and Canadian App Stores, according to 9to5Mac.

How to Create an Apple ID with No Credit Card

Creating a new Apple ID no longer requires a credit card to be linked to the account. For those who are only interested in accessing free content, skipping the credit card entry can save some hassle. It can also be a good to way to prevent any spending on a device. Without a payment method linked to the Apple ID, purchasing any items that cost money will be impossible.

Apple ID no credit card how to

There is a trick to creating an Apple ID without a credit card. The process must begin in the App Store on an iOS device or in iTunes. First, make sure you are not logged in using an existing Apple ID. Sign out if necessary then open the App Store to follow these steps:

Apple Rejecting Apps That Reward Users for Fake Reviews and Video Views

The internet is ablaze with reports about Apple rejecting apps that reward players who watch video ads, or for sharing apps on social media. The original report from TechCrunch claims a few developers have received rejection letters for ignoring key sections of Apple’s Developer Guidelines, including a rule that prohibits apps that "attempt to manipulate or cheat the user reviews or chart ranking in the App Store with fake or paid reviews." The recent crackdown is also affecting a small number of apps that earn money from in-game advertisements hosted by AdColony, Vungle and AppLovin, according to AdExchanger.

iPhone 6

TechCrunch points to Apple's new iOS 8 App Store overhaul as the reason for the rejection letters.

"With the introduction of the revamped iOS App Store in iOS 8, Apple revealed a number of changes to the app discovery process, with new features that help users find apps by trending keywords, by category and subcategory, by related search terms, and more. Developers can even promote their apps in 'bundles.' But as these changes indicate, what the company didn’t reveal is that it’s not only trying to reinvent app discovery with iOS 8; it’s also trying to own it."

iOS 8 App Store Enhancements Coming Soon

With over 1.2 million iOS apps available in the App Store, finding the best and most useful can seem like a daunting task. While the App Store app in iOS 7 has received many improvements, Apple has not stopped working to make the experience even better for mobile device users. iOS 8 promises to incorporate several enhancements to help users and app developers alike.

iOS 8 App Store enhancements

There are currently 300 million visitors to the App Store every week, so it's no wonder that 75 billion apps have been downloaded since 2008. There are also 9 million registered developers making apps for a total of 800 million iOS devices already sold. Apple CEO Tim Cook detailed the company's latest plans for the App Store at the WWDC 2014 keynote presentation this week.

What does "IAP" stand for?

The initials IAP refer to in-app purchases. You will normally see tech websites and blogs refer to IAPs and "timers" when talking about mobile games available in the Apple App Store. An in-app purchase is a micro-transaction required by an app or game to purchase additional content after it has been downloaded. IAPs are a source of controversy since some users claim they ruin the experience of mobile gaming.


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