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Apple releases new Twitter account for App Store Games


Apple has been doing a lot with the App Store to promote gaming on iOS devices. In February it released a section dedicated to premium games with no in-app purchases, and it has changed the "Free" button to a "Get" button for games with IAPs. Apple also added several App Store enhancments with the release of iOS 8, including bundles and a new Explore tab for searching subcategories.

No Password Required for Free Apps in iOS 8.3

iOS 8.3 solves one the most annoying problems on the Apple App Store -- having to enter your password every time you download a free app. MacRumors has discovered a few new features in the latest iOS 8.3 beta, including a new switch that allows users to disable the password requirement for apps labeled "Get" or "Free" in the App Store.

The iTunes & App Store settings in iOS 8.3 have been updated with a new section for "Purchases and In-App Purchases." Here you will find the option to have your device "Always Require" a password when downloading an app from the App Store, or to only require a password 15-minutes after your last download. A new "Require Password" switch has also been added for "Free Downloads". Up until now users only had the options to set their password requirements to "Immediately" or "15 minutes" in the Restrictions section of the General settings. The new toggle in iOS 8.3 allows users more freedom to decide if they want to enter a password or not when downloading free apps.

iOS 8 Adoption Rate Pushes 80 Percent

The number of iOS 8 installations continues its upward march towards the 80 percent threshold. This magic number represents the iOS 7 adoption rate at roughly this time last year. While iOS 8 lags slightly behind according to Apple's Developer page, other reports show that the 80 percent level has already been reached.

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In any case, iOS 8.2 was released on March 9 and is the first version to include Apple Watch support. In addition to stability enhancements and bug fixes, iOS 8.2 also includes several improvements to the Health App. iOS devices still running iOS 7 has dropped to 20 percent, with older versions comprising just 3 percent of the total. As always, these statistics from Apple only include devices compatible with iOS 8.

App Store Downtime Leading to Stuck Apps

iOS and Mac users are reporting that they're having trouble logging in to Apple services such as iTunes Connect and the App Store. This is causing problems for users who were in the process of downloading apps to their iPhone or iPad. iOS users with a "stuck" app that was interrupted while downloading can follow these instructions to re-install the app once the outage is over.

8GB Apple Watch

At the time of this post Apple's system status page shows that the App Store, iTunes Store and Mac Store are all down. The page reads, "customers may be unable to make purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, or Mac App Store." The cause of the outage is unknown at this time.


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