How do I uninstall an iPhone AppStore application?

How do I uninstall an iPhone AppStore application?

Those of you who had previously jailbroken their iPhone and used either Installer or Cydia to install unofficial third party applications may have found no clear answer when wondering how to uninstall applications purchased or installed using Apple's new iPhone AppStore.

In the case of Installer or Cydia, applications are deleted or uninstalled from the package manger itself, by selecting the installed application and choosing uninstall. In the case of the AppStore, the equivalent is actually more intuitive, though it may seem otherwise to jailbreakers out there.

To uninstall an application purchased or otherwise installed from the iPhone AppStore, simply do the following:

1) hold your finger on either the icon for the application you wish to uninstall or any other icon until the icons on your home screen begin to shake or wiggle (the same action you take to move or re-arrange home screen icons)
2) click the "x" in the upper left hand corner of the icon for the application you wish to remove
3) delete the application from your iTunes applications tab

If you want to re-install the application at a later time, simply visit the AppStore and select the application again.


Not entirely true - sure that removes it for the time being - but if you sync your phone to iTunes it will automatically reinstall it. In order to keep that from happening you either have to specify which applications sync in the iTunes preferences for the device, or you have to delete the application from both iTunes and the iPhone/Touch.

just click on applications in iTunes, right click on the app and click delete

hi, why am i unable to perform a right click to delete the application. I am able to remove it from my iphone but i want to delete it from the application store too

Did you ever find out how to delete an app from the istore. I can delete apps easily from my iphone, but have a long list on my itunes account and would like to get rid of most of them, but can't work out how.



To delete apps from showing in iTunes under the apps tab under DEVICES. You cannot do it under the device. You must go to the LIBRARY in the left hand navigation menu. Then select Apps under LIBRARY and you will see a list of all your iPhone and iPod touch Apps. Now right click on any app you would like to delete and select Delete from the drop down menu. Click remove and then click Move to Recycle Bin.

excellent answer

Simple fix, easy once you know how.
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Ditto "excellent answer"

i've done that, but now it won't let me re-install it, it shows up as already installed.

How come I can't reinstall my textfree with voice app?

I'd like my meet me profile pof friends profile back an my kik

Thank you much

Awesome help. And if you have any questions about Viber, feel free to ask.

thank you thank you thank you! Been wondering about that, simple once you know how.

I already did that but the app is still on my iphone it still loading or waiting

I have download Jack of All Tribe from iTunes. Unfortunately the apps did not completely downloaded and it leave incompleted apps icon with 'waiting'/'loading' on my iPhone 3gs. The second time I download it again, it finally succeed but the fully downloaded apps icon did not appear on my iPhone. The only Jack of All Tribe icon that exist is the one that not complete. But it was there on iTunes windows. I removed completely the apps but the incomplete icon still there and I was unable to remove it. Please help me

Excellent answer. Answered the query.

Super. Not as intuitive as one might think.. but I'll be happy to get rid of some of the free apps I tried and decided against that I really want to stop getting updates and pushes for.

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Thank you I have been wanting to do this for ages and now I know how to. Cheers!

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You go to all apps then right click the info and just click delete

To delete an iPhone app from iTunes after uninstalling it follow these steps:

1. Go to iTunes preferences>General - make sure the box "Apps" is ticked
2. Press Ok
3. Go to the "Apps" tab from the navigation panel in the left and you will see all applications. Click right on the application you want to permanently delete from iTunes (which you don't want to get synced with your phone and get again installed).

As to removing an app from iPhone, just follow what has already been said.


i would like to explain for those who have re-installed windows 7 and want their applications back.
so all the application you have on the phone can transfer on i file menu and there is an option transfer your purchases of iphone. it will transfer all app free or purchased back to itune.

I've heard others say that apps resync back onto the iPhone when they've deleted them, but that hasn't ever been my experience... If I delete from the iPhone I it does not come back. If I want it to come back I can checkbox the app in the iPhone's Apps tab when it is connected.

I had to reinstall Mac OS. When sincying with the iphone afterwards, I chose the wrong option and itunes erased all applications and settings in Iphone. How can I recover paid applications without paying them again?

You can download the apps and it will say that you have already purchased them and if you would like to download them again for free. It worked for me.


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