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Android-like Voice Dictation Found in iOS 7

Code for an Android-like voice dictation feature has been discovered in iOS 7 by Hamza Sood. While iOS 6 currently features the ability to use voice commands to write text, the process requires that data be sent to Apple's servers so the speech can be converted. This can result in Siri-like mistakes, long loading times, and other internet related problems such as data consumption. The new string of code discovered in both iOS 7 betas shows Apple is testing the possibility of introducing an offline version of dictation.

Apple Voice Dictation iOS 7

This means all iOS devices could potentially feature the ability to locally process and convert speech, allowing for faster voice dictation of emails, text messages and notes. 9to5Mac has learned some internal Apple devices already have this service up and running.

Spotify Adds Discover Tab to iOS App

The music streaming service Spotify has finally added the Discover option to its iOS app. The music recommendation tab has been available on Android devices since 2012. The Discover feature makes suggestions based on a user's listening history and playlists. Version 0.7.1 also adds the ability to edit playlists, and introduces a new Now Playing view. The ability to add or remove tracks from your playlists was previously only available on the iPad. Spotify also updated its icon to fit the new look of iOS 7, and has tweaked the user interface to make it easier to navigate.


The Spotify app is free to download from the App Store, however, you will need a Premium account to access all the features. Premium features include: Instant access to millions of songs, online streaming, offline capabilities, the ability to create and sync playlists, plus more.

iOS 7 Brings Head Gesture Support to iPhone and iPad

An anonymous tipster (via 9to5Mac) has discovered the ability to control your iPhone or iPad with left or right head movements. The new feature was discovered in the Accessibility section of iOS 7. Users can now turn on a control switch that allows them to navigate their device by tilting their head left or right. The feature can also be used to act as a home button, start Siri, or open Notification Center. The new Control Switch could help people with disabilities navigate iOS devices more easily. You can see a video demonstration here.

iOS 7 Head Gestures

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a similar feature called Smart Scroll and Smart Pause. Smart Scroll allows users to scroll up or down on a webpage or email by either tilting their head or the device. Smart Pause stops video when a person looks away from their display, and restarts it when they look back.


iOS 7 Beta 2 Adds Contact Photos to Group Messages

Apple released iOS 7 beta 2 to developers right on schedule, two weeks after the original dropped at WWDC. Most developers originally thought the upgrade would only bring speed and performance improvements, but a host of new features are already being discovered. One big discovery includes the addition of contact photos in group conversations. This is a feature iOS users have been wanting for a long time, and one of the few perks jailbreakers have been enjoying thanks to tweaks like ChatPic or Copic. You can also now choose to have nicknames enabled so they will appear in group chats instead of the person's actual name.

Contact Photos

Unfortunately, the contact photos only appear in group messages, but hopefully Apple will add them to all messages and texts before iOS 7 is released. The stock Message app also received a few visual tweaks like a larger Send button, and a new send animation. Other tweaks discovered in iOS 7 beta 2 include Siri's new male voice, and a return of the stock Voice Memos app which disappeared in the original beta.


Crytek Previews First iOS Game With MFi Controller Support

Game developer Crytek unveiled one of the first iOS games to feature MFi controller support at the Worldwide Developers Conference last week. 9to5Mac reported that Crytek demoed the controls of a tactical action game called The Collectibles while using the form-fitting Logitech controller prototype created for the iPhone. This is one of the first games known to take advantage of the new MFi (Made for iOS) game controller support Apple added to iOS 7.

The Collectibles

Apple shared two hardware mock-ups with developers during a 45-minute long WWDC session called "Integrating with Game Controllers". One controller featured the "form-fitting" design 9to5Mac claims Crytek used during their demo, and the other was a wireless standalone device. 9to5Mac said players can use either touch-based navigation, or the D-pad and physical controller buttons to control the action in Crytek's new game.


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