WWDC 2013

Crytek Previews First iOS Game With MFi Controller Support

Game developer Crytek unveiled one of the first iOS games to feature MFi controller support at the Worldwide Developers Conference last week. 9to5Mac reported that Crytek demoed the controls of a tactical action game called The Collectibles while using the form-fitting Logitech controller prototype created for the iPhone. This is one of the first games known to take advantage of the new MFi (Made for iOS) game controller support Apple added to iOS 7.

The Collectibles

Apple shared two hardware mock-ups with developers during a 45-minute long WWDC session called "Integrating with Game Controllers". One controller featured the "form-fitting" design 9to5Mac claims Crytek used during their demo, and the other was a wireless standalone device. 9to5Mac said players can use either touch-based navigation, or the D-pad and physical controller buttons to control the action in Crytek's new game.

Here's What Your iPhone Will Look Like in a Few Months

Monday was a huge day for the tech world. Most eyes were glued to the console wars, where Sony ultimately made the Xbox One look like an overpriced glorified cable box. Apple was also busy showing off its new redesigned OS, which is going to give your iPhone and iPad a whole new look and feel. Apple unveiled iOS 7 at the WWDC keynote on Monday, and it was a huge announcement, even if it was overshadowed by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is an advanced warning, your iPhone is going to drastically change, so you better start getting used to it now.

iOS 7 New Look

iOS 7 is going to completely change your iPhone. Your app icons, phone keypad, email and everything else are getting complete makeovers. Here are two charts that compare the new iOS 7 icons to the old iOS 6 icons. The only way you can avoid these new icons is by not upgrading to iOS 7 when it's released.

Follow the Action This Week With the WWDC App

Apple has made it easy for developers around the world to follow along with each day of the 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The official WWDC iOS app has just been updated to version 1.01 with a series of bug fixes and improvements. Of course, to get the most out of the WWDC app you must be a registered developer so you can sign in and watch session videos.

WWDC app 2013

Tickets for this year's conference at Moscone West in San Francisco sold out in just two minutes. Luckily with the WWDC app developers can stay connected to the event. Times and descriptions for labs, sessions and special events can be browsed and favorited, with session videos becoming available daily. Session videos are synced between devices, so if you stop watching a video it can be resumed where you left off.

Apple Cuts iRadio Deals with Three Major Labels

Rumors of Apple's upcoming iRadio streaming music service aren't new, but the latest developments indicate Apple will move forward with its plans next week's WWDC. AllThingsD reports that Sony Music has joined the party, which means all three major music labels are now participating in the service.

iRadio Apple

The last piece of the puzzle, Sony follows Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, who have both cut deals to license their music collections to Apple. According to Billboard Apple will give the record companies 10 percent of iRadio's advertising revenue as an introductory rate. The company will also pay a per-stream rate above the Copyright Royalty Board statutory amount.

Moscone West Gets iOS 7 Treatment for WWDC

Apple continues its preparations for Monday's keynote presentation at WWDC 2013 in San Francisco. Thanks to 9to5Mac, the sparse and clean-looking design of the official iOS 7 logo has been revealed. Banners hanging at Moscone West ahead of the conference show a thin, multicolored number seven on top of a white textured background.

iOS 7 logo new design

The WWDC slogan this year is “Where a whole new world is developing". Apple fans are expecting a completely redesigned iOS interface, departing from the skeuomorphism that iPhone users have become used to seeing on their devices. iOS 7 will reportedly look flat, have more monochrome coloring, and depart completely from previous versions with a new layout and better functionality.

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