Crytek Previews First iOS Game With MFi Controller Support

Game developer Crytek unveiled one of the first iOS games to feature MFi controller support at the Worldwide Developers Conference last week. 9to5Mac reported that Crytek demoed the controls of a tactical action game called The Collectibles while using the form-fitting Logitech controller prototype created for the iPhone. This is one of the first games known to take advantage of the new MFi (Made for iOS) game controller support Apple added to iOS 7.

The Collectibles

Apple shared two hardware mock-ups with developers during a 45-minute long WWDC session called "Integrating with Game Controllers". One controller featured the "form-fitting" design 9to5Mac claims Crytek used during their demo, and the other was a wireless standalone device. 9to5Mac said players can use either touch-based navigation, or the D-pad and physical controller buttons to control the action in Crytek's new game.

"With the new MFi controller, The Collectibles will allow players to use a touch-based navigation and cover system, but also seamlessly transition to the D-pad and physical controller buttons. For example, using touch controls, the user could draw a path to move a single character or double tap to move the entire squad. With the MFi controller, users can control the entire squad with the D-pad, and position characters behind the closest cover with single button presses.

It sounds like Crytek listened to Apple, who stressed that having a controller should not be a requirement of any new iOS games.

Crytek did not announce a release date for The Collectibles, but it will probably launch sometime in the fall after iOS 7 goes public.