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Update Your iPhone's Look With Free iOS 7 Themes

iOS 7 may not be here yet, but developers have been hard at work creating jailbreak themes to simulate the look and feel of Apple's latest beta firmware. Of course, the key word is simulate, as many of the themes are simply new graphical elements and other skins that use Winterboard to camouflage icons.

iOS 7 Winterboard theme

For those who just can't wait until this fall to see what iOS 7 is all about, there are several free iOS 7 themes popping up in the Cydia jailbreak app store. Not only can the home screen be themed, but there are options for an iOS 7 style lock screen, status bar, control toggles, messages, and even the calculator. All of the themes require a jailbroken iPhone and Winterboard.

Apple is Working with Logitech and Other Developers on Designing an iOS Game Controller

Back in April, PocketGamer claimed Apple secretly met with developers at the annual Game Developers Conference to discuss production of an unnamed iOS "joypad". It was then discovered at the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, that Apple had added MFi (Made for iOS) game controller support to iOS 7. Apple followed up the MFi announcement by holding a 45-minute long session on Tuesday, where they showed developers app frameworks and hardware mock-ups for third-party iOS controllers, according to Apple Insider.

iPhone Game Controller

The event was entitled "Integrating with Game Controllers", and Apple revealed that both Logitech and Moga were already collaborating on some prototypes. Apple also showed two mock-ups of a "form-fitting" design, and a standalone device for both the iPhone and iPad. Both controllers featured the standard D-pad and dual analog sticks seen in most home console controllers these days. The form-fitting model turns the iPhone into a gamepad that and frees up space on its smaller display, and the standalone mock-up is a wireless device that does not need to connect to the iPhone or iPad to work. Both controller mock-ups featured a dedicated pause button, pressure-sensitive buttons and non-drifting D-pads.

iOS 7 Allows You to Redeem iTunes Gift Cards With Your Camera

There's nothing more frustrating than typing in those long iTunes gift card codes, especially when you make a mistake and have to start all over again. Thankfully Apple has decided to make the process easier by adding the ability to redeem a gift card by using your device's camera. Twitter user Beau Giles discovered the new feature and tweeted the screenshot below. iTunes 11 gave the same feature to Mac users who can now use their FaceTime cameras to redeem gift cards also.

iOS 7 Gift Card Redemption

To use the new iOS 7 camera gift card feature, go to the App Store app, and tap the Redeem button at the bottom of the Featured page. You can then choose to enter the code the old way, or use your iPhone's rear iSight camera to snap a picture. The gift card needs to have a "gift card with a box around the code” for it to work.

Where can I download iOS 7 wallpaper backgrounds?

Now that Apple has revealed iOS 7 many iPhone fans are waiting for the update to launch. There are at least four new wallpapers included with iOS 7.

Two wallpapers are dynamic, which means they will be animated in iOS 7 on the home or lock screens. The other two are standard wallpapers. For now, you can install still versions of the dynamic wallpapers on iOS 6.

Here are some places where the iOS 7 wallpapers can be downloaded to your device. After they are saved to the Camera Roll, select your favorite under Settings -> Brightness & Wallpaper -> Wallpaper -> Camera Roll.


Siri Gets a Sex Change and New Look

I decided to cut Siri out of my life a long time ago by installing Google Search on my iPhone instead. Using Google's voice search or the Google search bar is a lot easier than asking Siri three times for an answer she's just going to Google anyway. But no matter how much iOS users ignore her, the Apple voice assistant refuses to go away. Siri has decided to get a makeover, learn a few new tricks, and become a man. If that's not a cry for attention, I don't know what is.

Siri iOS 7

Apple announced at its keynote that Siri will feature a new female and male voice and promised it will deliver faster results and check more sources like Bing, Wikipedia, and Twitter. Not very exciting news if you ask me, however, Siri will also be able to return calls, playback your voicemail, and control iTunes Radio.


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