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How to get Apple TV style alerts on iOS

Palert jailbreak tweak tvOS

One highlight of the Apple TV interface is the design of alerts. Minimalist grey boxes with a blurred background make options clear and buttons are easy to select with the Siri Remote. Not only are they functional, but tvOS alerts look great. The jailbreak tweak Palert brings a similar tvOS-inspired appearance to iOS notifications on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Enter dark mode on the iPhone with Nightmode9

Night mode iOS 9

One of the more interesting features introduced with OS X Yosemite darkens the status bar and dock. This dark mode is simple enough to toggle in System Preferences, lending app menus across the board a reversed look. With white text and dark backgrounds, dark mode is excellent for working at night, or anytime. Now with the jailbreak tweak Nightmode9, a similar look can be toggled system-wide on iOS devices using an Activator action.

Round notification corners and more with Roundification

Round corners iOS 8

The tweak Roundification brings a sleek look to several places in the iOS interface. Once installed, normal corners on notification banners and on the Notification Center itself are converted into a rounded style. These curves can also be applied to cards in the app switcher, and there is a rounded Dock feature for the home screen.

Add class to the iPhone lock screen with Aeuria LS

Aeuria LS lock

The jailbreak tweak Aeuria LS is a stand-alone lock screen mod that adds clean, minimalist design to this segment of iOS. In addition to the lock screen, the passcode entry keypad can also be customized for a fresh look. Even though elements such as slide to unlock and the Camera icon are hidden, they operate using the same gestures.

Add custom themes to the iOS Settings app

theme Settings app

Those with jailbroken iPhones are used to adding new options to the Settings app. Now the tweak QuartzSettings actually makes it possible to customize the Settings app itself. With several themes to choose from, the appearance of the entire Settings area of iOS can be radically altered. Once installed from Cydia, make sure the toggle for QuartzSettings is enabled. There are three included themes to choose from under Themes, and a Preview button to test things out.


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