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Use a combination lock for the iOS passcode

Combination Lock screen

One way to improve security on the iPhone is to slow down passcode entry. With the jailbreak tweak Combination Lock installed, would-be intruders may give up while dialing on the rotary padlock screen. In reality, this mod for the lock screen keypad is purely cosmetic. Rotating the interface to hit all of the numbers in your passcode will unlock the device, just like a padlock. While this can be fun, there is an easy way to access the device more quickly.

Hide the iOS battery percent sign with this tweak

remove percent sign

For jailbreakers, there are many ways to customize battery information in the iOS status bar. For example, different themes for the battery icon can be installed with Alkaline. The tweak No Percent Sign takes a different path and only does one thing, it removes the battery percent sign from the status bar. For anyone who dislikes the "%" symbol enough, installing this tweak solves the problem.

Make iOS Folders More Interesting with FolderBlur

iphone tweak FolderBlur

Quickly change the look of iOS folder backgrounds with the jailbreak tweak FolderBlur. This folder enhancing tweak is a stand alone mod that requires no respring to see changes. FolderBlur comes with a full suite of themes, mostly focused on (you guessed it) blur effects. Once installed, the folder style can be selected under Settings -> FolderBlur.

How to Theme the Control Center and Notification Center

Theming the iOS home screen with the help of tools like WinterBoard is a favorite pastime of jailbreakers. The tweak Vex brings customizations specifically designed for the Notification Center and Control Center. Using these themes can dramatically change this part of iOS 8.

iOS 8 Vex themes”  title=

Vex comes with a list of included themes for each section. For example, Notification Center comes with Classic, Default, Modern or Wood themes. When it comes to the Control Center, there are 10 options, including throwback Classic and iOS 7 options. Themes are previewed right in the Settings under Vex -> Configuration.

iPhone Tweak DockWare Updated for iOS 8

DockWare was originally developed for jailbroken devices running iOS 7. The tweak has been updated for iOS 8 compatibility, bringing many new features to the stock iOS 8 dock. Once installed, DockWare 2 can be configured with a long list of options in the Settings. There are three main sections which control home screen behavior, in-app behavior, and the activation method for showing or hiding the dock.

iOS 8 DockWare update”  title=

Folders can be placed in the dock like app icons, and the dock itself can be shown anywhere, including when using an app. Besides an activator gesture to control the dock, the dock can be hidden entirely on the home screen with a toggle. Other options include an auto hide feature with a timer, and eight custom animations for the showing and dismissal of the dock.


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