Lock the iPhone Like a Time Lord with Gallifreyan Keypad

Fans of Doctor Who will enjoy the simple, yet elegant WinterBoard theme Gallifreyan Keypad. This free theme from developer Puka1701 converts the lock screen keypad numbers into Circular Gallifreyan glyphs. Glyphs also appear in the Phone dialer, but only when numbers are pressed.

Gallifreyan Keypad mod

The theme integrates perfectly with iOS 7, which is required for installation. Gallifreyan Keypad is dependent on WinterBoard and only works on the iPhone and iPod touch. Once installed from Cydia, the theme can be enabled under Settings -> WinterBoard -> Gallifreyan Keypad on a jailbroken device.

Customize Your iPhone With These Popular Jailbreak Tweaks and Themes

Jailbreaking your iOS device allows you to modify your lock screen, home screen and even the appearance of your apps and how they are arranged. WinterBoard is a popular tool that allows you to alter the look of your device by downloading themes to your iPhone from Cydia. There are themes to change everything, including your lock screen slider, your iPhone keypad and even your Wi-Fi icon. WinterBoard offers so many more possibilities than just downloading drab wallpapers.

Jailbreak Tweaks

CustomSiriBackground lets you spice up Siri's boring look by giving her the background of your choice. There are also several WinterBoard themes which can change Siri's icon into something more fun. My favorite is Siri9000, which transforms Siri into HAL 9000 from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. You can even change the Siri start up sound into a few Hal quotes with a little advanced jailbreaking know-how.

WinterBoard Jailbreak iPhone App Gets Major Update

A new version of WinterBoard has arrived in the Cydia jailbreak app store. For those who are fans of installing all kinds of fresh graphical themes on iOS devices, the update is a welcome improvement that was in the works for a while. Others who fear installing WinterBoard due to its buggy reputation might consider trying out the latest version.

Winterboard iPhone themes

WinterBoard makes it possible for artists to create new graphics for almost anything in iOS, including third party apps. Users can download and install a variety of themes and mods to change the look of iOS once the device is jailbroken. There are also apps available on Cydia that are dependent on a WinterBoard installation.

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