WinterBoard Jailbreak iPhone App Gets Major Update

A new version of WinterBoard has arrived in the Cydia jailbreak app store. For those who are fans of installing all kinds of fresh graphical themes on iOS devices, the update is a welcome improvement that was in the works for a while. Others who fear installing WinterBoard due to its buggy reputation might consider trying out the latest version.

Winterboard iPhone themes

WinterBoard makes it possible for artists to create new graphics for almost anything in iOS, including third party apps. Users can download and install a variety of themes and mods to change the look of iOS once the device is jailbroken. There are also apps available on Cydia that are dependent on a WinterBoard installation.

The complete list of improvements and fixes as of version 0.9.3905:

- Fix BadgeStyle Regression in 3904
- 5.x: Solve SpringBoard Scroll Lag (only with “SummerBoard Mode” off)
- Default SummerBoard Mode to Off
- 4+5: TimeStyle, PerPage, IconAlpha
- 4+5: Respring Fix
- 5.x: Last Ditch kill -KILL Respring
- 4+5: HTML Wallpaper Multi-Touch
- 2+3: Fixed SpringBoard Crashes
- Corrected Order of UISound Stack
- Use Fallback/* to Wildcard Theme

Unfortunately, despite several attempts, it sounds like developer Saurik was unable to get any major theme artists to test recent beta builds of WinterBoard to head off any issues. So although the upgrade should fix many known problems for A4 and A5 device owners, there's no guarantee that WinterBoard will be completely free of stumbling blocks. At least you know that if your iPhone starts acting strange you can uninstall the package.