How do I uninstall an iPhone application using Cydia?

How do I uninstall an iPhone application using Cydia?

iPhone users new to jailbreaking may have noticed that removing applications installed through Cydia is a different procedure than uninstalling apps from Apple's AppStore. Usually, when holding your finger down on an icon it starts to wiggle and a black "x" appears in the upper left hand corner of the icon.

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Jailbreak apps installed with Cydia do not show this black "x" and must be uninstalled using the Cydia package manager.

To uninstall an application installed from Cydia on a jailbroken iPhone, follow these steps:

1) Run the Cydia package manager by touching the Cydia icon.

2) Select "Manage" from the bottom menu after Cydia fully loads.

3) Choose "Packages" to view or remove packages you previously installed.

4) Scroll through the list of installed packages and select the package you wish to remove.

5) Details for the selected app will appear. In the upper right hand corner touch the "Modify" button.

6) Confirm by pressing the "Remove" button to uninstall the application.

If you're interested in running the application in the future, simply select the package in Cydia and re-install a fresh copy.

UPDATE: You can now use CyDelete to uninstall Cydia apps like normal apps.



You can also download MobileFinder in Cydia which will not only delete Cydia apps, but also delete the default Apple Apps. Or any other app that cant be deleted by holding the icon down for a few seconds and hitting the X.

Hi, i was uninstalling iReply following these exact steps, i resprang it about 30 minutes ago and the iPhone is stuck, it does not finish respringing. What should I do?

I recently updated some 11 tweaks and one/some of them are causing my iphone to run on safe-mode. I hadn't taken a good look on the updated tweaks since tapped on "update all" How may I sort the packages in order to know the date on installation/upgrade so that I may remove this and solve the crash problem? Thanks.

Never upgrade apps from cydia because. When you upgrade what happen is the old upgrade remains in your phone which causes it to crash. So let's say you upgraded a app it's actually going to be there twice so everytime you try to use your phone it will crash. Solution! You have to go into cydia and try to uninstall the last app you downloaded in your case the last 11 well hope that works for.

Do you know if or is there a replacement for CyDelete for iOS 6.0 and up?

In you can see the app in Cydia manager to uninstall it, it must not be very "stealthy". anyone going into Cydia could see the package..

none of this is working for me

so I installed Cyrus and got some tweaks. I got icleaner and Cydia eraser and a few others. soon after it put me into safe mode and then the Cydia application became deleted. icleaner and Cydia eraser are now stuck on my phone. can anyone tell me how to delete them

Yeah.... no one knows that... you are a genius -.-