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Add Live Weather Animations to iOS 8

Looking for live weather animations on the iOS lock screen and home screen? WeatherBoard provides custom animated wallpapers and can even add weather-related flair to existing wallpaper images. The animations can be configured to show real weather conditions based on location.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak weather home screen

All of the available condition wallpapers come in night and daytime varieties. The list is extensive, including everything from hurricanes and lightning to 10 different variations on snowfall. The lock screen and home screen can be configured independently.

Get the Apple Watch Home Screen on the iPhone

Aeternum brings the Apple Watch interface to jailbroken iPhones running iOS 8. This tweak completely modifies the home screen to take advantage of the open source Apple Watch interface developed by Lucas Mendes. The result is a fully operational likeness of the Apple Watch, right on the iPhone.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak Apple Watch iOS

In addition to the characteristic circular app icons, behavior of the SpringBoard is modified so that pinch and zoom gestures enlarge and shrink these icons on the home screen. Rearranging icons is also possible, with wiggle mode replaced by icons that spin 360 degrees in place.

Revert the iOS Home Screen to Black and White

The word throwback takes on new meaning when color is replaced with black and white. iOS 8 users can switch to grayscale using built-in settings. Those with jailbroken iOS 7 devices can install the tweak Monochrome to remove color from iOS home screen icons. There are no options to configure.

iOS 7 jailbreak

Once installed, Monochrome overrides any WinterBoard icon colors that are configured. The SpringBoard becomes grayscale immediately once the package is installed and the iOS device resprings.

Restore Classic iPhone Wallpapers to iOS 7

Getting nostalgic about iOS 6 wallpapers? While these can be found elsewhere, the jailbreak package ClassicWallPapers brings them all back in one fell swoop. These stock wallpapers are the perfect complement to other iOS 6 theme elements, such as ClassicDock, ClassicLockScreen, and ClassicBadges.

iOS 6 wallpapers jailbreak tweak

Once installed, any of the classic wallpapers can be selected by navigating to Settings -> Wallpapers & Brightness -> Choose Wallpaper -> Stills. In addition to new-fangled iOS 7 background images, older options will now be available. Besides choosing a classic iOS wallpaper, there are no other options to configure.

Use Alkaline to Theme the iPhone Battery Icon

Creating the perfect custom look on a jailbroken iPhone can involve several different tweaks and themes. For those looking to replace the stock battery icon on the iOS 7 status bar, the tweak Alkaline provides many add-on options. Applying different battery icons once they're installed does not require WinterBoard, just a change to the Alkaline settings and a respring.

Alkaline settings

To start theming the iOS battery icon, install the free tweak Alkaline from Cydia. Alkaline comes with three included themes: Bolus, Spots, and Habesha. Alkaline will add its own section under Settings where battery themes can be applied. To change the battery theme, navigate to Settings -> Alkaline -> Theme and select from the list of installed themes, then tap the Respring button.


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