iOS 9

How to reset the home screen layout on iPhone

iPhone 6s home screen iOS 9 springboard

Moving app icons around on the iPhone home screen is easy. Usually iPhone owners find a configuration that works, however sometimes it can help to start from scratch. The good news is that iOS has a built-in function to reset the home screen layout to factory settings. Moving each app around in wiggle mode isn't necessary to make this happen. Here are instructions on how to quickly reset the iPhone home screen icons to the default layout.

How to save your iPhone battery with Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode iOS 9

In iOS 9, Apple introduced a new feature called Low Power Mode which disables a number of battery draining background activities to save you hours of battery life.

Your iPhone will automatically ask you if you want to enter Low Power Mode when you hit 20 percent, but you can also enable it manually by going to Settings -> Battery. The problem is there may be some features you depend on which are disabled when Low Power Mode is active. Luckily, Apple has not left iPhone users in the dark regarding what features are disabled. Here are a few of those features you can manually disable to save battery instead of turning off the full fledged Low Power Mode.

How to nest folders on the iOS home screen

Nested folder iOS 9

Ever wish you could remove some of those default iPhone apps from sight? Want to hide that online dating app from prying eyes while still having fast access to it? Have an app hoarding problem that prevents you from deleting your seldom used apps just in case you need them?

These are problems that many iPhone users may find themselves facing at one time or another and thankfully they can all be solved through the simple process of nesting folders.

How to unsubscribe from the trial period of any iOS app

Manage subscriptions iOS

There are few words more tempting in the technology world than “Free Trial.” Many salivate at the idea of getting premium access to a service for free of charge and simply opting out of the trial before they are required to actually start ponying up the dough.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly where you need to go in order to cancel your trial. You would think that the ability to do so would be a simple button found within the app itself or maybe on the company’s website, but often times that unsubscribe feature can be hidden deep.



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