iOS 9

Springtomize 3 updated for iOS 9 customization

Springtomize 3

The latest version of the classic tweak Springtomize brings full iOS 9 customization to the jailbroken masses. Springtomize 3 is now fully compatible with iOS 7, 8, and 9. For anyone not familiar with the tweak, it brings an incredibly detailed list of custom options to every facet of the iOS SpringBoard. The behavior of the iOS system and its appearance can be deeply altered to a specific level of detail, making Springtomize one of the most versatile packages on Cydia.

Activator gets 3D Touch and more in iOS 9 update

Activator iOS 9

One of the quintessential jailbreak tweaks of all time has been updated for iOS 9. Activator from Ryan Petrich is a must-have tweak that allows users to manage gestures, buttons and shortcuts to control many aspects of their devices. Not only is Activator useful on its own, but many other jailbreak tweaks can be invoked using Activator actions. Petrich has added many new features to the iOS 9 update, including several 3D Touch compatible options.

How to get 3D Touch menus on older iOS devices

Forcy for iOS 9 jailbreak tweak

One of the most significant new features on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is 3D Touch. The latest iPhone packs a pressure-sensitive display which can be used to invoke menus directly from the home screen. Now thanks to the jailbreak tweak Forcy, those with older devices running iOS 9 can get in on the action. Once installed, Forcy simulates the functionality of 3D Touch on the home screen.

Get f.lux screen darkening without iOS jailbreak

Gamma Thingy f.lux settings

The excellent software package f.lux automatically adjusts the color temperature of computer and mobile device screens at night. Not only does this prevent your iPhone screen from blasting bright blue light during nighttime hours, it can help with eyestrain and sleep patterns. Unfortunately, the only option to run f.lux on an iOS device is to jailbreak. Now, thanks to iOS 9 and Xcode it's possible to sideload apps onto a device without using the App Store. This is where the app Gamma Thingy comes into play.


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