Apple's Swift programming language is now open source


Apple has launched Swift.org to announce that the Swift language, debugger, supporting libraries, and package manager have been published under the Apache 2.0 license with a Runtime Library Exception. This means the source code is freely available on GitHub for anyone to build themselves, and developers can contribute to the project. Since its initial release in mid-2014, Apple has intended for Swift to become an open source programming language.

Get f.lux screen darkening without iOS jailbreak

Gamma Thingy f.lux settings

The excellent software package f.lux automatically adjusts the color temperature of computer and mobile device screens at night. Not only does this prevent your iPhone screen from blasting bright blue light during nighttime hours, it can help with eyestrain and sleep patterns. Unfortunately, the only option to run f.lux on an iOS device is to jailbreak. Now, thanks to iOS 9 and Xcode it's possible to sideload apps onto a device without using the App Store. This is where the app Gamma Thingy comes into play.

How to sideload apps onto iOS 9 devices

Apple developer ID

iOS 9 has brought the ability to install developer apps to the home screen without a jailbreak or paid developer account. While this process takes a few steps, it opens up a new world of third-party apps that can be installed without using the App Store. In order to install Xcode directly onto an iOS 9 device such as an iPhone, Mac OS X is required. Here are the steps needed to create a free developer account and start loading apps directly onto iOS 9:

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