Use an Activator action to open an iOS folder


The jailbreak tweak FolderJumper brings a new shortcut to iOS users. Once installed and configured, any folder on the iOS home screen can be opened instantly using an Activator gesture. For anyone who frequently uses particular folders, FolderJumper can save several steps when accessing these locations. The magic happens after placing the folder names into a list under settings.

Fern launches apps from anywhere in iOS 9


App launchers are a popular category when it comes to jailbreak tweaks. Fern throws its hat in the ring with a two-part launcher, providing easy access to favorite apps. The launcher is invoked with an Activator action. Once displayed, swiping left or right on Fern will display the favorite apps or the complete app list.

Use Spotlight search from anywhere in iOS 9

AnySpot Spotlight

Spotlight on Apple mobile devices received a major upgrade with the launch of iOS 9. As usual, users can swipe down on the home screen to invoke Spotlight. With iOS 9 installed, a more detailed search screen can be displayed be swiping left to right. Spotlight provides everything from Siri app suggestions to news and specific search results by category, such as nearby food and shopping. Wouldn't it be great to have access to Spotlight from anywhere in iOS 9?

Activator gets 3D Touch and more in iOS 9 update

Activator iOS 9

One of the quintessential jailbreak tweaks of all time has been updated for iOS 9. Activator from Ryan Petrich is a must-have tweak that allows users to manage gestures, buttons and shortcuts to control many aspects of their devices. Not only is Activator useful on its own, but many other jailbreak tweaks can be invoked using Activator actions. Petrich has added many new features to the iOS 9 update, including several 3D Touch compatible options.

Access an iPhone app launcher from anywhere

DockBar tweak

The jailbreak tweak DockBar makes launching specific apps a breeze from anywhere in iOS 8. The customizable app launcher bar can be invoked using an Activator gesture, which provides speed and efficiency for often-used apps. The DockBar interface will appear right in front of home screen icons or running app windows.


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