Access an iPhone app launcher from anywhere

DockBar tweak

The jailbreak tweak DockBar makes launching specific apps a breeze from anywhere in iOS 8. The customizable app launcher bar can be invoked using an Activator gesture, which provides speed and efficiency for often-used apps. The DockBar interface will appear right in front of home screen icons or running app windows.

Apple Patents Flexible Docking Station

Judging from a recently awarded patent, Apple may have its sights set on a flexible version of the Lightning dock. Titled "Dock connector with compliance mechanism", the patent features a docking station for iOS devices that would allow the unit to pivot when plugged in.

Lightning connector patent1”  title=

Think of it as MagSafe for the Lightning dock. Not only would pushing on a connected device simply roll, slide or pivot the mechanism to avoid damage, but the dock could be configured to return the connector to an upright position. Current dock-based Lightning connectors aren't known for their flexibility. Much like the previous 30-pin connector, male Lightning connectors are generally in a fixed position.

The iPhone 5 Cable That Will Change Everything

More evidence has appeared of what looks to be the next generation charging and sync cable from Apple. Moving to an 8-pin symmetrical design will allow the cable to be plugged in without concerns about the orientation of the dock connector.

leaked iphone 5 USB cable

iLounge explains that the photo could be of a replacement cable or an authentic Apple part with pre-production stamps on the full-sized USB end of the cable. The design of the cable certainly looks like existing 30-pin dock connector cables that have been in use on all of Apple's mobile devices since 2003.

Is This What the iPhone 5 Dock Adapter Will Look Like?

Well it seems that melablog has the iPhone 5 30-pin dock adapter all figured out. The concept below shows us what could be in store for next generation iPhone users who need to connect to some older accessories.

iPhone adapter mockup

There have been never ending reports of a smaller iPhone 5 dock connector, with 8 or 9 pins. Besides saving space in the iPhone 5 chassis, this connector is said to be symmetrical and even feature a MagSafe connector.

Bring iPhone Music Back 100 Years With the iVictrola

Before the iPhone and before electrical recording there was the gramophone. Although the sound quality of these wind up machines may lack something to the modern ear, the retro look of a Victrola still has its appeal. Now you can enhance the sound from your iPhone 4 or 4S without electricity while adding century-old flair.

Schreer Delights iVictrola

Other audio docks such as Koostic work in the same way, essentially using the shape of the dock to amplify sound from the iPhone speaker. The iVictrola does this with ultimate simplicity while harking back to the era before radio.


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