Bring iPhone Music Back 100 Years With the iVictrola

Before the iPhone and before electrical recording there was the gramophone. Although the sound quality of these wind up machines may lack something to the modern ear, the retro look of a Victrola still has its appeal. Now you can enhance the sound from your iPhone 4 or 4S without electricity while adding century-old flair.

Schreer Delights iVictrola

Other audio docks such as Koostic work in the same way, essentially using the shape of the dock to amplify sound from the iPhone speaker. The iVictrola does this with ultimate simplicity while harking back to the era before radio.

The iPhone rests in the base and an adjustable horn can be angled up or down to help direct the amplified sound. No wires, no charging and no software in this dock. In fact, the iVictrola doesn't even have a 30-pin Apple connector, audio from the iPhone speaker is funneled up through the horn to increase volume acoustically.

iVictrola is available now from Shapeways thanks to Schreer Design for between $83 and $143 depending on the color selected. This gramophone material may not have existed in the late 19th century, but now you can choose from colors including white, black, red, indigo, dark grey and frosted. The adjustable horn can separate from the base, and the fun part is that each piece can be painted if desired.

The iVictrola is a neat addition to the collection of any retro or antique lover who also happens to own an iPhone. We're not sure if anything else comes close to bridging such a wide gap in technology.