DLO Releases portable iPhone Speakers that aren't kidding around

Geek alert! DLO (Digital Life Outfitters) has recently released a new pair of portable iPhone speakers that will probably have the technophile/electronista/nerd in you jumping for joy. With a design that is edgy and eye-catching, this latest offering from DLO - who manufactures a whole line of iPhone accessories - is also feature-packed and functional.

iphone speakers

The most noteable feature on these new speakers is a digital amplification system which is said to eliminate audio interference from TDMA cell phone signals. If you don't know what that is, TDMA signals cause interference which create that obnoxious buzzing sound you hear when

your phone gets too close to an audio source or when a call comes into your phone. According to DLO, their new portable speakers eliminate this worry. We can't confirm or deny this yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we get our hands on a pair.

dlo speaker movie view

The feature list doesn't end there, however. The DLO speakers are touted to stand up to rivals in soud output, as well. DLO states, "featuring an extra-wide sound stage and bass vents for delivering powerful sound, these small speakers pack a powerful punch." Additionally, when a call comes in, you don't have to disconnect your speakers - the DLO system functions as a speakerphone.

speaker ball
Rounding out noteable features from these new speakers are a rotating stand which allows the iPhone to be positioned vertically or horizontally (perhaps for movie viewing) and a great feature for travelling with the speaker set in which the speakers and stand snap neatly together to form a ball (roughly 6 inches in diameter) which seems quite portable.

The DLO portable speakers can be used with either 4 AA batteries, or with the included AC adapter.


It's not TDMA....It is GSM

GSM = narrowband TDMA

yeah i'd suggest checking your facts before you correct someone

Hello all

This product has been renamed under Philips. Philips acquired DLO earlier this year. iWorld Australia is the distributor in Australia and New Zealand for DLO/Philips products.