Is This What the iPhone 5 Dock Adapter Will Look Like?

Well it seems that melablog has the iPhone 5 30-pin dock adapter all figured out. The concept below shows us what could be in store for next generation iPhone users who need to connect to some older accessories.

iPhone adapter mockup

There have been never ending reports of a smaller iPhone 5 dock connector, with 8 or 9 pins. Besides saving space in the iPhone 5 chassis, this connector is said to be symmetrical and even feature a MagSafe connector.

This would make it easier to plug in accessory cables and modernize the iPhone connector while leaving room for new components including LTE radios and a larger battery. Of course, given the millions of iOS devices already circulating along with accessories that utilize the 9-year old 30-pin dock connector, it makes sense that Apple would produce an adapter for a while.

Besides the quick Photoshop job of the mini-USB cables, it's pretty clear that the main attraction here is the 30-pin adapter that would fit into the iPhone 5. The next iPhone has been pictured in parts leaks, with the headphone jack moved to the bottom of the device. This fits the concept above nicely, with the 8-pin dock connector and headphone piece on one adapter. We're just not completely sure if Apple would need the headphone jack to be part of the adapter. If the engineers have it right, new accessories will not require a headphone jack connection to deliver audio through the smaller, modern dock connector.

The iPhone 5 and the adapter accessory are expected to be available for pre-order starting on September 12.