iOS 9

10 new things you can ask Siri

Proactive Search iOS 9

The biggest change to your iPhone and iPad in iOS 9 is Siri. Apple's intelligent personal assistant has graduated from just taking voice commands to also dictating your Spotlight Search by using your personal information to suggest frequently used contacts, apps, news and other relevant data. Users can use the search option on their device to find sports scores and schedules, to get stock prices and more. Users can also ask Siri to perform several new tasks thanks to iOS 9. Here are few new tricks Siri can perform:

Wi-Fi Assist is one of the best iOS 9 features

Wi-Fi Assist

Being stuck on a weak Wi-Fi connection is annoying, especially when you know you could be using a better cellular option. This mostly occurs when you're outside but near your house, when using a public Wi-Fi, or when using Wi-Fi at a retail location like a bookstore or coffee shop. Before iOS 9, users receiving a weak Wi-Fi signal would have to make a decision to stick with the dodgy Wi-Fi connection, try to find a better connection or they would have to disable Wi-Fi on their device so they could connect to a cellular network. Thanks to Wi-Fi Assist you will no longer have to do any of these time consuming steps to have a strong connection on your device anytime.

iOS 9 still not downloading for some users

Software Update Failed iOS 9

Apple officially released iOS 9 on Wednesday, September 16. The update promises to make your iPhone "more intelligent and proactive" and add new multitasking features to the iPad, according to the release notes. Unfortunately some have not been able to download the new firmware and are instead receiving an error message that reads, "Software Update Failed."


Apple announces iPhone 6s with 3D Touch, major camera enhancements

iPhone 6s

As expected, Apple today revealed the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The next generation iPhones have been completely revamped. CEO Tim Cook described the iPhone 6s as the "most advanced smartphone in the world". First off, externally the iPhone 6s models feature a custom aerospace 7000 aluminum alloy developed by Apple. In addition to the existing colors, a rose gold model will join the lineups.


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