10 new things you can ask Siri

Proactive Search iOS 9

The biggest change to your iPhone and iPad in iOS 9 is Siri. Apple's intelligent personal assistant has graduated from just taking voice commands to also dictating your Spotlight Search by using your personal information to suggest frequently used contacts, apps, news and other relevant data. Users can use the search option on their device to find sports scores and schedules, to get stock prices and more. Users can also ask Siri to perform several new tasks thanks to iOS 9. Here are few new tricks Siri can perform:

Search your personal photos and videos based on dates, locations and album names

You can now ask Siri to show you photos from 2014, or say "Siri show me photos from my vacation in Florida." Siri can also pull up photo albums based on your personalized titles and even search for your selfies if you just ask.

Ask Siri to remind you about things

Siri can now search your apps and remind you about things that you were looking at. For example, you can ask Siri to remind you to read an email later, or she can remind you about a location you wanted to check out when you get out of your car. Siri can also search the App Store for you and find apps. Just ask Siri to, "download Angry Birds" and she'll pull up its listing on the App Store.

Siri 8 ball

Ask any question beginning with "Hey Siri 8 ball..." to see your future.

Siri 8 Ball

Search for stock prices in Spotlight Search

As mentioned above you can quickly get stock prices by typing in a company name or ticker symbol in your Spotlight Search bar.

Notifications based on traffic conditions

Proactive assistance powered by Siri will now notify you when to leave for an appointment or important events based on traffic conditions.

Do simple math and conversions in search

You can now ask Siri to solve simple math equations or just use your search as a calculator.

Siri Math Conversions

These are not new to iOS 9, but they are some fun features you may have not known Siri could perform.

  • Ask Siri to "roll a die" and she will roll a six sided dice for you. You can even as her to roll a "20 sided dice" for your Dungeon and Dragons games.
  • Ask Siri to "flip a coin."
  • Ask Siri “Why did the chicken cross the road?”
  • Check Rotten Tomatoes scores by asking "do people like [movie title]"
Rotten Tomatoes Siri


I've upgraded to the iPhone 6s which lets you say 'hey siri' at any time. While this is useful, Apple have missed some basic and essential functionality.

Apple won't let you change the volume or turn on the speaker - meaning that answering calls hands free is impossible. Also, you have to say PLAY rather than CONTINUE to continue a song.

I'd also love the ability to navigate using Google maps using Siri because i'm sick of Apple maps sending me the wrong way to places - the failure rate is way too high... 'Hey siri, use Google maps to navigate to the city'.