Apple to launch Siri SDK for developers

Amazon Echo

Big changes could be on the horizon for the Siri personal assistant. According to reports, Apple is planning to launch an SDK for Siri at WWDC next month. This would open the voice assistant to third-party developers. Apple is also said to be working on new hardware to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Siri for apps

When it comes to the Siri SDK, opening up the feature to developers could mean significantly more power in Siri's hands. Many apps would finally be accessible via the voice assistant, which means less tapping and typing to get things done on Apple's mobile devices. Apps which already feature Siri, such as Yelp, have been working with Apple directly to integrate with Siri.

Siri for OS X

Apple also plans to add Siri to Macs, possibly with the launch of OS X 10.12. Siri for Mac should debut at WWDC, bringing access to the voice assistant to the OS X menu bar. Features will include a variety of settings and customizations, as well as always-on Hey Siri activation via the built-in computer microphone.

Stand alone Siri device

The Echo and Home are personal assistants, which are voice controlled. Apple's version is expected to be integrated with HomeKit to provide access to home automation features. Siri would provide the basis for voice interaction, delivering music, weather reports, and other information on-call. It's not clear when Apple plans to launch its new device.


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