How to hide Home Screen pages on iPhone

Hide home screen pages iOS

Some iPhone owners are drowning in apps. Apple offers several ways for users to get devices more organized. One of the simplest and most useful is folders, which have been a part of iOS since 2010. But folders can spill over into multiple Home Screens. More recently, iOS includes the App Library, a place for every installed app to be automatically categorized and stored. Apps can be hidden from the Home Screen while remaining accessible in the App Library.

How to save all open Safari tabs on iPhone

Safari save open tabs

Opening many tabs in Safari while browsing on the iPhone can be convenient. It can also easily become a disorganized mess. Luckily, Apple has created a way to save all open tabs to Safari bookmarks. This way, the tabs can be stored and reopened later with one tap. When saving the open tabs, they are all stored within the same bookmarks folder.

How to nest folders on the iOS home screen

Nested folder iOS 9

Ever wish you could remove some of those default iPhone apps from sight? Want to hide that online dating app from prying eyes while still having fast access to it? Have an app hoarding problem that prevents you from deleting your seldom used apps just in case you need them?

These are problems that many iPhone users may find themselves facing at one time or another and thankfully they can all be solved through the simple process of nesting folders.

Box Acquires Mobile App Folders For the Next-Generation of Their iOS Client

Box, a company that creates cloud sharing software and hosting for businesses and individuals, has just acquired a mobile app called Folders. Folders was created by the French developer Martin Destagnol, who has been working closely with Box to fine-tune the integration between Box and the Folders technology. The Folders design and code are becoming a part of Box for the next-generation of the Box iOS client.

Box acquires mobile App Folders for Integration in iOS Client

Folders allows a user to view and open files, stream audio files, mark notes, preview photos, and view source code. Combining this with Box brings a whole new level of innovation to Box's cloud sharing software.

Tips and Tricks: Using iPhone Folders in iOS 4

Now you can store and run up to 2,160 iPhone apps on your home screen with iOS 4 folders. That's the maximum capacity with 180 folders holding 12 apps each. Although you may not come close to this limit folders are an excellent way to get organized and more efficiently use your iPhone.

apple iphone ios 4 folders

Creating folders on the iPhone is simple and intuitive. Just drag one app on top of another app and a grey box will appear. iOS 4 will put both apps in the same folder and prompt you with a text box naming the folder. If you don't like the automatic name just type a new one in the box. Tapping the home screen will exit.

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