Box Acquires Mobile App Folders For the Next-Generation of Their iOS Client

Box, a company that creates cloud sharing software and hosting for businesses and individuals, has just acquired a mobile app called Folders. Folders was created by the French developer Martin Destagnol, who has been working closely with Box to fine-tune the integration between Box and the Folders technology. The Folders design and code are becoming a part of Box for the next-generation of the Box iOS client.

Box acquires mobile App Folders for Integration in iOS Client

Folders allows a user to view and open files, stream audio files, mark notes, preview photos, and view source code. Combining this with Box brings a whole new level of innovation to Box's cloud sharing software.

Earlier this May, Box also acquired Crocodoc. Crocodoc is a product focused on making it easier for users to access and interact with their documents on a browser or device, via document embedding in HTML 5. Integrating Crocodoc into Box will allow for Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents to render as HTML 5 inside their iOS mobile app.

Sandwiching together all this different technology is going to reshape the experience of using Box, creating a much for functional and versatile experience for iOS users.

"The pace of innovation in web and mobile technologies -- at the device, OS, and infrastructure levels -- is thrilling. We've developed a deep understanding of the industry's most interesting engineering and design challenges to stay ahead of that pace," writes Sam Schillace, SVP of Engineering at Box, in the press release."We'll continue to seek out and develop the technology and the talent -- at Box, in Silicon Valley, and globally -- to keep it that way."

Currently there has been no announcement on whether or not Android users have a similar update to look forward to regarding Box, the iOS updates should begin to take off throughout the rest of 2013.