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How to hide Home Screen pages on iPhone

Hide home screen pages iOS

Some iPhone owners are drowning in apps. Apple offers several ways for users to get devices more organized. One of the simplest and most useful is folders, which have been a part of iOS since 2010. But folders can spill over into multiple Home Screens. More recently, iOS includes the App Library, a place for every installed app to be automatically categorized and stored. Apps can be hidden from the Home Screen while remaining accessible in the App Library.

RippleBoard adds flair to the iOS home screen


Looking to switch up the iOS home screen with one free jailbreak tweak? RippleBoard has a variety of functions that can be installed in one easy swoop. First of all, there's an option to make all icons and folders round on the home screen. This alone is an interesting enough feature. Dig deeper, and there are more options.

How to Animate iOS Home Screen Icons

iMaker is a customizable jailbreak tweak that will animate app icons directly on the iOS home screen. Animations and special effects can be assigned to bring attention to apps with new notifications, or apps that were recently opened or updated. While iMaker costs $1.99 there is a free version with limited features dubbed iMaker Lite.

iOS 7 jailbreak animate home screen icons

Once installed, iMaker settings include options for 7 different animation styles. Flips, Hand Stand, Large Jitter and Twister are just some of the eye-catching animations available. In fact, when these are running, it's nearly impossible to miss the animated icons.

How to Revert Back to iOS 6 Icons on iOS 7

Not everyone has fallen in love with the redesigned iOS 7 icons. While the latest iPhone firmware from Apple has many functional improvements, bringing back the old iOS 6 app icons is not an option. That is unless your iOS 7 device has been jailbroken with evasi0n 7.

iOS 6 icons theme

WinterBoard makes it possible to change the cosmetics of iOS 7 with themes. The theme pictured above from developer Jailbreakstyle is appropriately named iOS 6 Icons For iOS 7 Theme. This free theme can be used in conjunction with WinterBoard to bring back iOS 6 icons on stock home screen apps.

Get More Home Screens on Your iPhone Without Jailbreaking

Apple has limited the number of home screens on the iPhone to 11. Even though that adds up to a total of 180 applications including the dock, some users want more space. This is possible on firmware version 3.1.2 thanks to a trick that doesn't require jailbreaking.

Follow these steps to get more than 11 home pages on your iPhone:

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