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How to Enable Hidden Springboard Settings in iOS 7 with Jailbreak Tweak HiddenSettings7

Apple has include a host of Springboard settings in iOS 7 that are not accesible to the un-jailbroken user. If you want to enable these hidden settings and start customizing your iOS device, you'll need the new free jailbreak tweak HiddenSettings7, from develper deVbug. You can find the tweak in Cydia's BigBoss repository.


Once you have installed it you will see a new button in your Control Center labeled "SpringBoard Settings" right under the "AirDrop" button (note: You won't see it if

How do I create a folder in iOS 7?

You can create a folder in iOS 7 simply by touching an icon and holding until all the icons start to wiggle. Then you can drag the icon on top of another icon and release, thereby creating a folder. For example, if you drag Candy Crush on top of Angry Birds and release, a folder will appear named "Arcade". You can change the name by tapping on it and then entering your own name.


Speed up iOS 7 With NoSlowAnimations Jailbreak Tweak

One of the biggest complaints against iOS 7 has been its sluggish performance due to the slow animations that occur when opening an app or a folder. Although Apple purposefully designed iOS 7 this way in order to create a more enveloping user experience, most people seem to prefer quick access without the aesthetic bells and whistles. If the animations aren't your cup of tea, you can use the new jailbreak tweak NoSlowAnimations to speed up your experience.


The NoSlowAnimations tweak, which was developed by Marco Singhof, can be found on Cydia in the BigBoss repository. Simply install the app and you should notice a significant increase in animation speed, especially while switching, launching and closing apps. There is no setup process and there are no options to configure, but

How to Make Your iPhone's Text Easier to Read and Turn Off App Animations

A lot of iOS users don't like the look of iOS 7, and some even claim that its new animations give them motion sickness. Luckily you can change the look and size of your device's text, and disable the app animations and parallax effect that are making some users nauseous. Here's how:

Bold Text iOS 7

You can make the text in iOS 7 bold by navigating to Settings > General > Accessibility and tapping Turn on Bold Text. You can also adjust the size of the text for apps that support Dynamic Type by tapping Text Size and using the slider to make it larger. This is also found in the Accessibility section under General in the Settings app.


Apple Sets Deadline for iOS 7 App Optimization

Developers have until February 1, 2014 to ensure that all app submissions to Apple are optimized for iOS 7. Updates to existing apps as well as new apps are affected by the deadline, which requires developers to utilize the latest Xcode 5. Apple is likely responding to the fact that three quarters of iOS users have installed iOS 7 since its launch three months ago.

iOS 7 app optimization

Apple announced the new policy in a document titled "Make Your Apps Work Seamlessly with iOS 7". The news blurb also links to the official Designing for iOS 7 section under Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines. Building apps with Xcode 5 means access to APIs added to iOS 7 and 64-bit support for hardware such as the iPhone 5s.


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