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Unlock Hidden Dynamic Wallpapers in iOS 7

With the launch of iOS 7 Apple included dynamic wallpapers for the lock and home screens for the first time. Fans of the feature might be surprised to know that iOS 7 has five additional moving wallpapers that are hidden by default. This brings the total number of built-in dynamic backgrounds to 12.

unlock hidden iOS 7 wallpaper

To unlock these hidden dynamic wallpapers the iOS 7 device must be jailbroken. A free tweak named HiddenWallpapers does the trick. Simply install from Cydia and respring to reveal the additional five dynamic wallpaper options under Settings -> Wallpapers & Brightness -> Choose Wallpaper.

How to Monitor Your iPhone Data Usage

iOS 6 added the ability to check how much data you use but it didn't reveal the breakdown of your usage. Luckily Apple remedied the situation with iOS 7 by adding a System Services feature that tells you how much cellular data you are using per app. This is a great tool for helping you pick a data plan, or to see why you tend to go over your data plan each month. Here's how to check your cellular data usage in iOS 7.

How to Monitor Cellular Data

First open your Settings app and tap the tab marked "Cellular". It is located right underneath the Bluetooth settings. Scroll down until you see your Call Time log and Cellular Data Usage stats. Just below Current Period Roaming you will see an alphabetical list of all the apps which you allow to use cellular data. If you scroll down further, you will see the Systems Services option.

How to Disable LTE and Save Battery Life in iOS 7

The idea of disabling LTE on your iPhone may sound a bit odd to some, but not everyone needs 4G data speeds, and it can also be a bit of a drain on your battery. This is especially true for AT&T users whose phones tend to jump back and forth between 4G LTE and HSPA+. If you are out and about for a long trip, and don't need fast data speeds, it is may be a good idea to disable LTE so you can get more life out of your battery. Here's how:


Open your Settings app and tap the Cellular tab to open the cellular options on your iPhone. From here you can disable Cellular Data, LTE and Data Roaming. Just tap the "Enable LTE" slider so it turns white to turn it off. Just don't forget to turn it back on when need to access faster data speeds.

How do I turn off background app refresh in iOS 7?

Before iOS 7 only certain applications ran in the background, such as location services and music. Apple didn't want other apps running in the background due to battery life issues. Those issues have been minimized and your apps are now allowed to refresh in the background, so they can update even when you aren't using them. While this is great for apps you use all the time, battery drain can still be an issue, especially if you have a ton of apps that you barely use constantly updating in the background.


How to Enable Private Browsing on Mobile Safari in iOS 7

You can keep your browser and search history secret by enabling "private" browsing on Mobile Safari. This feature does not keep your browser history safe from third-parties like your internet provider, employer, or websites that track user data, but it does save you time from having to clear your Safari web browser cache every time you visit a page that you want to keep private. Here's how to enable private browsing on Safari:

Safari Private Browsing

1. Open the Safari app from your Home screen
2. Tap the double square icon on the bottom left-hand side of your display
3. Tap "Private"

You will know you are in private mode when the search / navigation bar turns black.


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