How to Enable Hidden Springboard Settings in iOS 7 with Jailbreak Tweak HiddenSettings7

Apple has include a host of Springboard settings in iOS 7 that are not accesible to the un-jailbroken user. If you want to enable these hidden settings and start customizing your iOS device, you'll need the new free jailbreak tweak HiddenSettings7, from develper deVbug. You can find the tweak in Cydia's BigBoss repository.


Once you have installed it you will see a new button in your Control Center labeled "SpringBoard Settings" right under the "AirDrop" button (note: You won't see it if

you access the Control Center from the lock screen, only from the Home screen). Open it up and you'll see a ton of settings that you can play with:

  • Volume
  • Test Recipe
  • Parallax - Lets you adjust the parallax settings (and there are 17 of them) on the Homescreen, Lockscreen, Icon lists and Icon badges.
  • Folders - Lets you allow nested folders, pinch to close, blur folder background and load one column at a time.
  • Icon Animations - Includes a plethora of animation tweaks.
  • Control Center - Lets you tweak the Control Center appearance.
  • Lock Screen - Includes a ton of settings including Camera Bounce and Wallpaper settings.
  • App Slider - Lets you tweak DOSIDO, gesture and swipe settings.
  • Car Display - Not aplicable yet... but hints at what Apple has planned.
  • Lock Screen Test Plugin - Various plugin settings.
  • Screen Fade Animation - About 100 settings here.
  • Alert Items - Lest you disable BB handlers and test alert items.
  • Notification Center - Lets you adjust the Bounce and Mode Control of the Notification Center.
  • Legibility - Lets you adjust the shadow strength of various items such as icon labels, date, folder titles, etc.
  • Wallpaper - Lets you change the color box size.
  • Icon Adaptive Colors - Lets you adjust colors, saturation and brightness on icons.
  • Prevent Screen Dim - toggle
  • Animation Overrides - Lets you adjust animations.

There are A LOT of settings to sift through here and I've been through very few so far. If you find anything interesting, let us know. And be thankful there is a "Restore Defaults" button.