iOS 7.0.3

iOS 7 Jailbreakers Can Safely Install iOS 7.0.3

While a jailbreak solution for iOS 7 may not yet exist, every new firmware release means waiting for the all-clear from someone in the know. Apple could close the door on potential exploits at any time, so fans of jailbreaking should never rush into an update. Luckily, the evad3rs have already checked out iOS 7.0.3.

iOS 7.0.3 safe

The verdict? Updating to the latest version of iOS will not interfere with a future jailbreak. When it comes to iOS 7, evad3rs member planetbeing previously explained that the team was in a "reconnaissance phase" to determine if their existing iOS exploits still work.

iOS 7.0.3 Brings Back iCloud Keychain, Wikipedia Search and Fixes iPhone 5s Calibration Issues

Apple quietly rolled out iOS 7.0.3 after the iPad Air event on Tuesday. The update brings back features like iCloud Keychain support, the ability to search Wikipedia from Spotlight and it fixes a few things like the accelerometer calibration issues. As you can see from the image posted below, Venture Beat has proved that Apple's fix has worked and "sensor-gate" should be over.

iOS 7.0.3

The image shows an iPhone 5 (the far phone) without 7.0.3 reading .2 degrees off level and an iPhone 5s (middle phone) with the iOS 7.0.3 fix reading .1 degrees of level. The nearest phone is an iPhone 5c which demonstrates the original sensor issue.

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