How to change your Safari background on iPhone

Safari custom background

Apple continues to add customization options to its mobile devices, from home screen widgets to font keyboards. Wallpaper backgrounds for the home and lock screens may be one of the earliest places where iOS allowed users to create a unique look. Now Safari offers the option for a custom background behind the new tab screen.

How to set up Dynamic Wallpaper in iOS

As part of the suite of aesthetic improvements introduced by iOS, Apple has included dynamic wallpaper as a new background option for your iPhone and iPad. These wallpapers have subtle animations that add new depth to the visual experience by giving your home screen a moving background.

Dynamic Wallpaper iOS 7

The pre-installed dynamic wallpapers are bubble themed, but others are available in the App Store. The bubbles will move depending on the motion of your device, so if you want to move them in a certain direction simply tilt it that way. If you are interested in a dynamic background for your iOS 7 or later device, here's how to do it:

How to download and install wallpapers for your iPhone

How to download and install new wallpapers on iPhone and iPad.

Everybody wants meaningful wallpaper on their smartphone, whether it is a peaceful view of nature, an undulating palette of colors, a photo of friends and family or anything else that inspires them. iPhone owners have had the ability to add new wallpapers (aside from the ones provided with iOS) going back to the original iPhone and iOS, though not all may be aware of how to do it. So if you are new to iPhone, need a refresher or have simply never bothered with it, here's how to install new backgrounds on your iPhone:

Apple approves iPhone X 'notch removal' apps

iPhone X Notch Remover app

The iPhone X display notch houses critical components used for Face ID, FaceTime and other features. This hasn't stopped people from loving or hating the design feature. Detractors have referred to the "horns" on the iPhone X, which comprise two halves of the status bar. For those who truly can't stand the notch, there is a solution that doesn't involve buying another phone.


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