Liquefy the iPhone wallpaper with AquaBoard

AquaBoard tweak

AquaBoard, one of the longer-running tweaks available on Cydia, has now been updated for iOS 8. Jailbreakers may already be familiar with the OpenGL-based "Liquid SpringBoard" developed by Elias Limneos. Once installed, AquaBoard will animate water effects over the wallpaper any time the display is touched. These effects take place on both the lock screen and home screen, and stop animating as soon as the wallpaper is no longer visible to save battery power.

Add New Dynamic Wallpapers to iOS

iOS 8 dynamic background

Dynamic wallpapers are one of the more interesting additions to iOS, having been released with iOS 7. Since then, Apple has not added any new animated backgrounds to the mix. Jailbreaking remains the only way to unlock hidden dynamic wallpapers or get completely new dynamic wallpapers installed on your device. Particle Wallpapers continues this trend.

Once installed from Cydia, Particle Wallpapers adds a collection of eight new dynamic wallpapers under Settings -> Wallpaper. While each option in the collection is similar, they come in different color schemes. The animation resembles flying through space or some kind of cosmic explosion continually happening right on the home screen. Particle Wallpapers is hard to miss, with a much more aggressive look than the stock dynamic wallpapers' subtle animation.

Get More Dynamic Wallpapers on the iPhone

There are seven dynamic wallpapers included with iOS. Despite the fact that Apple releases new stills each year, dynamic wallpapers haven't been updated since their initial launch in iOS 7. This all changes with the theme Dynamics, which adds more animated background options to jailbroken iPhones.

Dynamics theme wallpaper

Dynamics requires WinterBoard, and HiddenWallpapers is recommended to provide access to five additional color options. Once installed, to get access to the Dynamics wallpapers the themes must be enabled via Settings -> WinterBoard. After respring, the new dynamic options can be selected from Settings -> Wallpaper.

Where can I download the iOS 8 home screen wallpaper?

Apple recently showed off the latest version of iOS at WWDC 2014. Included in the demos was a new home screen wallpaper, which will launch when iOS 8 goes public this fall.

Here you can find the iOS 8 home screen wallpaper. To install this background, save the image to the Camera Roll. Choose the iOS 8 wallpaper from Settings -> Wallpapers & Brightness -> CHOOSE WALLPAPER -> Camera Roll.

iClarified iOS 8 Wallpaper Background

Where can I download iPad Air wallpaper for iPhone / iPad?

With the launch of the iPad Air, Apple revealed a brand new home / lock screen wallpaper never before seen on iOS 7. Now thanks to Adriano Mendes you can download the iPad Air wallpaper to an iPhone or iPad.

The files below are unofficial versions of the slick green-to-blue gradient wallpaper seen on the iPad Air. The iPhone wallpaper is sized for the iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c.

Click here to download iPad Air Wallpaper for iPhone (640 x 1136)


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