Apple approves iPhone X 'notch removal' apps

iPhone X Notch Remover app

The iPhone X display notch houses critical components used for Face ID, FaceTime and other features. This hasn't stopped people from loving or hating the design feature. Detractors have referred to the "horns" on the iPhone X, which comprise two halves of the status bar. For those who truly can't stand the notch, there is a solution that doesn't involve buying another phone.

Apple has allowed two wallpaper modification apps into the App Store, both of which can help notch-haters feel better. Note that neither of these solutions can eliminate the notch within apps. But what they do achieve is the illusion of a more traditionally shaped area on the home and lock screens. Once implemented, the status bar assimilates with the hardware notch, giving the top of the iPhone X display a straight edge.

Both of the apps, which create slightly different shapes, simply add a black bar to the top of existing wallpaper images. This removes the iPhone X notch by keeping the display area on both sides of the notch black. Some might call it cheating, however the apps make this process quick and convenient. The only tradeoff is price.

While Notcho on iTunes is free, it will add a watermark to your background images. Removing the watermark requires an in-app purchase for $1.99. Notcho's top corners are a bit more rounded, matching the bottom corners of the iPhone X display.

Notch Remover on iTunes costs $0.99 out of the gate, but there are no watermarks or in-app purchases to deal with. Notch Remover's top corners are less rounded, which gives the appearance of more screen area despite the bottom corners being more round.

Of course, a few minutes in Photoshop or another image editing package can achieve the same effect. Just remember this wallpaper trick only works on the home and lock screens.