SlingPlayer Mobile Update Adds iPhone 4 Video Out

After recently adding 3G streaming support, Sling Media has updated their SlingPlayer mobile iOS app again. Version 2.1 adds component cable video out support on the iPhone 4 and iPad when streaming in HQ mode.

apple iphone slingbox video out

This feature makes it possible to watch your favorite shows and other SlingPlayer media on a television right from your mobile device. SlingPlayer Mobile 2.1 also includes several bug fixes to improve stability and app operation.

The updated app is available now via iTunes for $29.99. To stream in High Quality (HQ) mode away from home, you'll need 800 kbps or more bandwidth from your Slingbox to the iPhone over Wi-Fi, and at least 500 kbps over 3G cellular data networks. Bandwidth can be checked right in the iPhone app by navigating to SQ -> Options. Viewing quality on lower bandwidth connections can be improved by pressing the SQ button to stream in Standard Quality.

Last year, SlingPlayer Mobile was restricted to Wi-Fi only at the request of AT&T. Although streaming now works over a 3G connection, video quality is still better on Wi-Fi thanks to the higher bandwidth involved. For those new to Sling Media, the Slingbox allows users to watch video from a home TV directly on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. SlingPlayer Mobile can be used to view and control your cable or satellite box, DVR, Tivo and Apple TV.

A Slingbox SOLO, PRO-HD, or PRO is required in addition to at least 256Kb upstream speed on your home Internet connection. Slingbox SOLO currently retails for $179.99 and the Slingbox PRO-HD runs $299.99.