Where can I download the iOS 8 home screen wallpaper?

Apple recently showed off the latest version of iOS at WWDC 2014. Included in the demos was a new home screen wallpaper, which will launch when iOS 8 goes public this fall.

Here you can find the iOS 8 home screen wallpaper. To install this background, save the image to the Camera Roll. Choose the iOS 8 wallpaper from Settings -> Wallpapers & Brightness -> CHOOSE WALLPAPER -> Camera Roll.

iClarified iOS 8 Wallpaper Background

Where can I download iPad Air wallpaper for iPhone / iPad?

With the launch of the iPad Air, Apple revealed a brand new home / lock screen wallpaper never before seen on iOS 7. Now thanks to Adriano Mendes you can download the iPad Air wallpaper to an iPhone or iPad.

The files below are unofficial versions of the slick green-to-blue gradient wallpaper seen on the iPad Air. The iPhone wallpaper is sized for the iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c.

Click here to download iPad Air Wallpaper for iPhone (640 x 1136)

iOS 7 Brings Dynamic and Panoramic Wallpapers to the iPhone

It's no secret that Apple heavily borrowed a few ideas from the jailbreaking community for iOS 7, and it looks like they also took a few notes from Google's playbook. iOS 7 will allow users to choose between motion or still wallpaper for their device's background image. iDownloadblog discovered several basic wallpapers, and two Apple created animated wallpapers in the iOS 7 beta. You can see from the video posted below, that the two bubble wallpapers gives your iPhone a lava lamp kind of look.

iOS 7 New Look

iPhone 5 users will also be able to use their favorite panoramic images from their Photo app as their Lock or Home screen wallpapers. The panoramic wallpaper effect is a lot like the Android option that allows you to pan your phone's background image left and right. It is unknown if Apple will allow third party animated backgrounds to be used, or if they will somehow make more of their self-created wallpapers available in the future.

Get the iPhone OS 4 Background Wallpaper

One surprise in the iPhone 4 keynote speech was a move away from the typical black home screen wallpaper background. Unless they've jailbroken their iPhone, users are painfully aware that only the lock screen can be customized. The custom home screen background featured in the iPhone 4 keynote speech is featured below.

apple iphone 4 official wallpaper

With the release of iPhone 4.0 firmware this summer, Apple has finally added support for custom home screen wallpaper, along with a new look for the dock.


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