iPhone OS 4.0

More iPhone OS 4 Features Revealed in Beta 4

Some really useful and interesting features are on their way in iPhone OS 4.0. The operating system is expected to launch this summer with Apple's next generation iPhone hardware. The same firmware will make its way over to the iPad in the fall.

apple iphone os 4.0

iPhone OS 4 beta 4 includes ample evidence of video conferencing, including a "Video Calls Debugging" section on field test models of the latest hardware. Speaking of the hardware, a lost iPhone 4 in Vietnam was broken down and found to feature Apple's A4 processor, the same powerhouse that runs the iPad.

Get the iPhone OS 4 Background Wallpaper

One surprise in the iPhone 4 keynote speech was a move away from the typical black home screen wallpaper background. Unless they've jailbroken their iPhone, users are painfully aware that only the lock screen can be customized. The custom home screen background featured in the iPhone 4 keynote speech is featured below.

apple iphone 4 official wallpaper

With the release of iPhone 4.0 firmware this summer, Apple has finally added support for custom home screen wallpaper, along with a new look for the dock.

Apple iPhone 4.0: Multitasking for Third-Party Apps!

As any iPhone user knows, only bundled Apple software like the iPod app will run in the background while your phone is doing other things. Now AppleInsider reports this is all about to change.

Apple iPhone 4G

Third-party applications will be allowed to run in the background in iPhone OS 4.0, the next step in iPhone firmware development. Although version 3.0 is capable of full multitasking, Apple has limited all but its own apps from staying open while running other software. Right now the Phone, Messages, iPod, Voice Memos, and Mail apps run in the background, along with some others.

Latest iPhone OS 4.0 Rumors Pick Up Steam

Could it be that Apple plans to reveal iPhone OS 4.0 as early as March 14th? Multiple sources have received anonymous tips pointing towards a demo of the new OS by Apple next month. This date roughly coincides with the first iPad ship date, and has led to speculation that iPhone OS 4.0 may ship on the new device.

Apple iPhone 4G

Apple has typically announced updates to its iPhone hardware in June. This year should be no different and the company is expected to reveal its fourth-generation iPhone on schedule. What has thrown industry watchers off track is that the iPad was announced in January running iPhone OS 3.2. This operating system is not yet available Apple's heralded smartphone.

Apple iPad Specs Announced: Also Runs iPhone Apps

Steve Jobs announced a brand new product with some impressive specifications today. The long-awaited tablet is named the iPad and sports a 9.7 inch IPS LED capacitive touch screen. Apple has redesigned the operating system and of course included multi-touch on the new device.

Apple iPhone iPad

Fast response times and sharp graphics are made possible by a custom processor, the Apple A4 chip running at 1 GHz. The iPad will come with built in flash memory with different models carrying between 16GB and 64GB of storage.


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