How to install font keyboards on iPhone

iPhone fonts

The iPhone supports a variety of custom fonts across many system and third-party apps. Fonts can add a fresh design element to documents or social media posts, and make communications more interesting by emphasizing text. The process of using custom fonts on the iPhone takes a few steps to set up.

Before typing with a different font, a third-party app offering new font keyboards can be installed from the App Store. Follow these steps to get custom font keyboards up and running on the iPhone or iPad:

  1. Launch the App Store and search for fonts
  2. App Store font search
  3. Choose an app and install. Most font apps offer a free trial period and subscription options
  4. Navigate to Settings -> [Font App Name] -> Keyboards
  5. Grant access to keyboard app 1
  6. Give the app you installed full access to the iOS keyboard
  7. Grant access to keyboard app 2
  8. To type with the custom font keyboard, long press the globe icon and select [Font App Name]
  9. Font keyboard