How can I register my AppleCare+ plan for iPhone?

AppleCare+ plans must be registered to your device for service. Do I need to activate my AppleCare plan with Apple after purchase? How do I register an AppleCare protection plan?

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AppleCare+ protection plans can increase peace of mind for iPhone and iPad owners worried about accidental damage and other repairs. While purchasing an AppleCare plan is the first step to extended coverage, all plans must be registered with Apple and linked to your device.

If you bought an AppleCare plan with a new iPhone, Apple automatically registers the plan. You can verify your registration at Apple Support online.

To register an individually purchased AppleCare plan, first sign in to Apple Support and select your device. Click Add Coverage then Register Now.

You must enter your AppleCare agreement number and email address. For help finding your AppleCare agreement number, click here. Once you've accepted Apple's terms and conditions, the AppleCare+ protection plan is activated.