Video: iPhone 3GS Takes Four Bullets

Every iPhone owner has had moments of frustration. Most of us refrain from smashing our phones to bits or throwing it out the window. Others take their anger to a whole new level.

One firearm owner with an iPhone 3GS to spare has performed his own ballistics tests on the device and posted the results on YouTube. Apple probably didn't anticipate their phones would have to take bullets when they designed the 3GS.

The video, besides being somewhere between interesting and insane, has a political bent thanks to Apple's rejection of the Google Voice application.

Text in the video reads, "We are sick and tired of your dictatorship. We refuse to be suffered by your
iron fist. Google Voice was the last straw. From now on I am a PC where I have my Freedom."

The YouTube user, who posted the video in the Entertainment category, continues this anti-Apple rant in a profile description:

I have bought all three generations of iPhones on launch day, but I cannot take it any longer.

In the end, it was rejection of Google Voice from the App Store that drove me to this point, but that was just the tip of the spear. Whether it is their refusal to let other gadgets such as the Palm Pre interface with iTunes, or their Draconian App Store procedures...I simply cannot support them with a clear conscience, which is why I chose to end the life of my iPhone in this manner instead of selling it--after all, who would want to pass on a cancer to another person?

Apple may have fooled the world with their witty commercials and bright t-shirts, but they will no longer fool me. Their approach has helped them gain a sizable chunk of the PC market, but as their popularity grows, people will begin to see them for what they really are--a corporation far more "evil" than Microsoft would ever dream to be.

Apple is turning consumerism into communism. Any entity that enforces such anti-competitive practices and dictates what their paying population can and cannot have without any explanation, consistency, or reason is communistic. It's wrong and I will no longer support it.

Score one for the forces of freedom. Only 26 million iPhones in 80 countries left to shoot.


Oh, look. A redneck with a handgun!

I planned to do the same thing to my iPhone; along with my AT&T contract; should they not meet the September 25 deadline on the MMS feature. It's not Apples fault I know... However, the guy is right... Apple's policies are communist in nature. Also, your comment about the guy with the gun being insane absolutely pegs you as a liberal anti-gun diarrhea spewing robot; as it does the guy who called him a redneck (what an idiot). Expressing his disdain for the product doesn't make him wrong about it and his presentation of it's destruction in a safe controlled manner was very well done. KUDOS to the puller of the trigger.

Oh look, a comment from an elitist who doesn't know the meaning of fun.

You're the cancer of our society. You're type says all day long "why can't we embrace our differences," then you go on to hate your own skin color.