AdMob: Apple Dominates Smartphone Web Traffic

According to AdMob, the latest stats put iPhone OS web requests at 51 percent of all smartphone web traffic. The nearest competitor is RIM OS (Blackberry) with 19 percent of smartphone web traffic, while Microsoft Windows Mobile made third place with 14 percent.

Apple devices, including the iPod Touch, represent over 18 percent of total global web ad traffic. The only company with more traffic is Nokia, clocking over 30 percent in the same category. Worldwide requests from Apple devices increased 28 percent from December to January, hitting a total of 1.2 billion.

Breaking down Apple's global numbers, the share of iPod Touch traffic (vs. iPhone) increased from 20 percent in September to 40 percent in January.

Looking at national totals, iPhones made almost 17 percent of all mobile web requests in the US. In this same category, the iPod Touch made 12 percent. Overall, this puts all Apple devices 10 percent ahead of Motorola, and indicates a stunning 6 percent growth in Apple traffic. Competitors numbers either hit a plateau or increased modestly (under one percent).

AdMob processes data from billions of web requests around the world. Daily data comes from ad requests, impressions and clicks at more than 6,000 publisher websites in over 160 countries.