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iPhones Generate Half of All Mobile Ad Requests

For the first time, iPhones have taken a solid 50% share of global AdMob traffic. This means that iPhone users generate more requests more often than any other smartphone in the world.

This has been the case for some time, as the iPhone has consistently outperformed its actual hardware market share. Although iPhone users demand more bandwidth than average smartphone users, the platform also offers many apps with plenty of room for advertising.

Apple iPhone Decimates Mobile Web Competitors

Incredibly, the Apple iPhone has blown away the competition in mobile web requests coming through the AdMob network. While the iPhone OS represents roughly eight percent of global smartphones, it drove a whopping 43 percent of worldwide mobile web traffic.

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According to AdMob's latest Mobile Metrics Report, the iPhone OS share of US smartphone traffic in April was an incredible 59 percent. AdMob specializes in delivering advertisements to mobile websites and applications.

AdMob: Apple Dominates Smartphone Web Traffic

According to AdMob, the latest stats put iPhone OS web requests at 51 percent of all smartphone web traffic. The nearest competitor is RIM OS (Blackberry) with 19 percent of smartphone web traffic, while Microsoft Windows Mobile made third place with 14 percent.

Apple devices, including the iPod Touch, represent over 18 percent of total global web ad traffic. The only company with more traffic is Nokia, clocking over 30 percent in the same category. Worldwide requests from Apple devices increased 28 percent from December to January, hitting a total of 1.2 billion.

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