Apple iPhone Takes Lead in US Smartphone Market

In September 2010 the Apple iPhone overtook BlackBerry for the top spot in US smartphone market share. A new report by Nielsen shows iOS commanding 28.6 percent of the market in November 2010, more than any other smartphone operating system.

apple iphone sales statistics nielsen 2010

BlackBerry and Android were neck and neck in November, with Android devices on the rise and BlackBerry devices losing market share but maintaining a slight edge. It's not clear how long iOS can keep its top position, as Android almost doubled its share from June to November.

Apple iPhone Sales Going Ballistic

We're in a global economic recession, right? You wouldn't know it from looking at the latest iPhone sales statistics. Apple's stock jumped six dollars to $158 per share after the company announced its revenues for the third quarter.

Total revenue was $8.3 billion, leaving Apple with a net quarterly profit of $1.2 billion. According to Tim Cook, the Chief Operating Officer, "Apple can’t keep up with demand in the 18 countries where the 3GS model is now sold, a situation that won’t change in the short term."

Apple iPhone Decimates Mobile Web Competitors

Incredibly, the Apple iPhone has blown away the competition in mobile web requests coming through the AdMob network. While the iPhone OS represents roughly eight percent of global smartphones, it drove a whopping 43 percent of worldwide mobile web traffic.

apple iphone web traffic market share admob

According to AdMob's latest Mobile Metrics Report, the iPhone OS share of US smartphone traffic in April was an incredible 59 percent. AdMob specializes in delivering advertisements to mobile websites and applications.

Report: Apple's iPhone Gaining Market Share

First quarter mobile phone sales may be off almost nine percent from last year, however the smartphone market continues to heat up. Gartner reports that Apple has doubled its market share from last year, with sales of 3.9 million iPhones in Q1 2009, representing 10.8 percent of global smartphone sales.

apple iphone market share

Nokia still leads the pack with 41.2 percent, although this is a decrease from last year's 45.1 percent market share. Research In Motion sales also jumped from 13.3 percent market share in Q1 2008 to 19.9 percent during the same period this year, partly due to the popularity of the BlackBerry Storm.

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